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Levo Orthotic Pack

What you receive:

  • Podiatrist Assessment
  • 1 x pair of Prescription Orthotic insoles made just for you
  • FREE Foot roller
  • FREE Resistance band
  • FREE Exercise program

All of this for just $439 $250
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Your assessment is the most important part of our process. It is the difference between a generic “everyone gets the same” store bought insole and a customised prescription just for you.

Just like you were in one of our clinics your university trained Podiatrist will assess you and your gait analysis. This includes:

Considering your goals
Pain relief, prevention, improved performance or better quality of life

Analysing how you stand
The way you stand and walk is unique to you, just like your fingerprints. We determine your exact foot type and prescribe your orthotic just for you.

Analysing how you walk
The way you walk is often the cause of your pain and future problems affecting not only your feet but your legs, knees, hips and back.

Video gait analysis is performed on your walking footage to detect these problems early.

Prepare your treatment plan
Your Podiatrist will then design your prescription orthotic insoles and unlike a store bought insole your Levo orthotics are designed just for you and the way you stand and walk.

Save time and money with no Doctors visits

Orthotic Insoles

Levo Orthotics provide the optimal blend of the support your body needs with the comfort your body wants.

Made just for you and delivered directly to your door, anywhere in the world.

Foot Health Program

Your personal Foot Health Program is like having your physio, athletic trainer or health professional in your home when you need them.

This home based rehabilitation and physical therapy program incorporates exercises to relieve your pain and build a stronger and flexible body for injury prevention and improved performance.

Using the DOLA massage roller, resistance band and free body exercises, your program will maximise the results of your treatment.

What our customers say

“Last month my partner got orthotics and they are awesome. He had pain in his feet for many years and it got even worse when he broke his ankle 9 months ago, he had constant pain since then and has even been to the Doctor before and that didn’t help at all. The Podiatrists at Levo really took the time to check everything and the orthotic support took all of his pain away. We’re so glad we got them and finally have something that is helping with his pain. Thank you so much!”

Sarah Kim

“I love this footcare website, its the first time I tried something online as I had extreme foot pain for two years and have tried everything else but nothing worked. I have been wearing the custom insole for a few months now and all of the pain is gone. Definitely recommend these guys.”

Matt Davidson

“Levo has helped us (Nic & Juan) walk 100’s+ Km’s pain free, the “Camino Del Norte” was a lifetime dream and achievement that keeps us tuned up to keep on taking on adventure challenges in our retirement. We are very grateful for the Levo team who provide a systemic and technology driven solution tuned into our individual feet & foundations needs. Sort out your Back, Knee, Hip issues starting with your feet … if I sound like an advert I don’t mean too it’s just the freedom I have gained by taking care of my feet & ohh did I mention the super comfortable orthotics 😊 they are like walking on air💛”

Nic Sanchez
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