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Levo Prescription Orthotics

using footage
to fix feet

Prescription orthotics, direct to your door in just a few easy steps

Welcome to Levo

a new concept in footcare, worldwide access to our expert Podiatrists. Record a little footage, answer a few simple questions and let us prescribe orthotics to

fix your feet

direct from home…. with no Doctors visits

Expert eyes…. using footage to fix feet

Are your feet the cause of your problems?
Are you at risk of developing problems later in life?
Do you need an affordable solution direct to your home?

With LEVO our expert eyes assess how you stand and walk just like you were visiting one of our clinics.

Tell us about your pain, your goals and your feet. Upload footage of how you walk and leave it to our expert eyes to keep you on your feet, doing all the things you that make you feel happy and healthy.

At LEVO, we use footage to fix feet.

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